November 24, 1995

Charles Christopher Hill, Lucas Reiner and Noel O'Malley

Lucas Reiner's format leaves plenty of "air" on the canvas. In this Aether Reiner floats tenuous squares of color, so pale and fuzzy, so tentatively rendered, so seemingly unsure of their own place in the visual field that they seem almost abashed. In altte rows appear words, sometimes parts of phrases, sometimes composing a whole phrase (however un-whole, or even unwholesome, some of these phrases might be). These words, also written faintly, may have an oblique connection to the colored squares C to their textures, perhaps, or their color patterns. Reiner marries vernacular haiku to very shy minimalism, and the results are both less mysterious and more affecting than they sound. . . . There is Zen in Hill's and Reiner's painting, while O'Malley's is painted Zen.

Charles Christopher Hill at Cirrus, 542 S. Alameda St.; Lucas Reiner and Noel O'Malley at Bennett Roberts, 72 Market St., Venice; all thru Nov. 30.

-Peter Frank